At Pipe Guard USA, we care about plumbers more than anyone in the world. Our motto “Created by Plumbers, for Plumbers” says it all. Pipe Guard USA started as a father and son due(Stepan and Peter Zamkochyan) in 2014. Upon completion of a sewer liner, they wanted to do more for the customer then writing a note on the paper invoice “MUST USE HIGH PRESSURE WATER TO CLEAN SEWER LINER”. The father son duo went to their workshop, put their minds to work and created the perfect solution for plumbers and property owners. Today, we are proud to say that Pipe Guard USA is certified by IAPMO (IAPMO IGC 341), is made in Los Angeles, California. Pipe guard is the most effective way to mark your sewer liners, backflow values or grease traps. We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us, please email us at (insert email) to receive your free sample.

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No job is to big or to small to be protected or represented, with our product industry professionals can ensure their work will be noticed.  At Pipe guard precise precision is the key to a susccessful technology and engineering to ensure that no matter the size or message, our product will fit your or your customer's needs.

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